March 2020: Winning Designs

Congratulations to the winners of our inaugural jewellery design competition. Your designs were deemed the most popular as per public voting!

Our team will manufacture these three pieces and have them ready for sale. The pieces will be exhibited at gem and jewellery shows such as JCK Vegas and Vicenzaoro. Each designer will receive 3% on the net sales of their pieces. 


'Tree is Life': Earrings by Rainier Arandia (Saudi Arabia)


What inspired me was the tree being the source of life. Life being the water it gives us among other purposes. As we cut trees we are endangering the lives that depend on every tree grown on earth. 


'Splash': Necklace by Maria Eugenia (Spain)


The sketches of the 'Splash' collection are inspired by water when it falls and splashes. The fall of the water is represented with the diamonds and sapphires. In the noble metal that is gold we give life to a drop composed of tiny droplets that represents the splashing of the water. 


'Talking Trees': Brooch by Meltem Sahan (Turkey)

Talking Trees

Years ago, environmental scientists discovered that the trees connect to each other with the fungus network under the ground, sending and sharing nutrients. That means, the trees are 'talking to each other'.

Trees are the symbol of wisdom and life, they show how wonderful nature is and deserve respect for having such a strong network. 



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