Results: Stella

With a record number of votes, the results of competition Stella are out! 

We are proud to announce that the winning design is:

'Swinging Star' by Sammy Gonzales


The objective of the competition was to celebrate and capture the infinite possibilities in our universe and the magic that exists in the stars around us.

We were blown away with the amazing designs and great creativity with minimal working material. Thank you to all the participants for your time, effort and contributions and to the voters for encouraging and supporting these designers.



'Swinging Star': by Sammy Gonzales (Saudi Arabia)

swinging star

The moon is a feminine symbol. It symbolizes immortality, eternity and enlightenment. Star have been symbolic of divine guidance and its also a powerful protection symbol.  




'The Third Eye': Anna Tessarin (Italy)

the third eye

This pendant wants to enhance the important of the subjective possibility of opening the third eye, thus allowing a total awareness of oneself through universal connection.


'Flicker': Carmen Hernandez (Spain)


An infinite amount of white dots fill up our skies, the stars are the only ones that twinkle. Our eyes perceive a beam that continuously and rapidly changes position in the sky. These four stones with a five-claw setting resemble a five-pointed star, hanging from a continuously swinging chain.



'Celestial': by Claudia Gobbi (Italy)


I am a third year jewelry design student from Rome. The star pendant is inspired by the wonderful greatness and brightness of the stars. The combination of diamonds and blue corundums come together to create a magical and elegant blend.  


'Time Star': Huang Zhe


Man has been chasing stars since ancient times - they will have existed in our past, present and will continue to exist in our future. 


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