Results: Partum Opus

With over 1500 votes, the result of Partum Opus are out!

We are proud to announce the winning design is:

'Internal Strength' by Priyambada Mishra


This competition was organised to provide people sitting at home with a creative outlet through which they can explore their horizons. 

The response was outstanding and it was humbling to see the global impact of this crisis. We would like to thank all the contestants for their creative and innovative designs. Whilst all of us are facing our own individual challenges, we must stand united.  



'Internal Strength': Pendant by Priyambada Mishra (India)


We are currently facing an enemy that we cannot see. To prevent the spread of this pandemic, we need to listen to our leaders and stay at home. 



'Collective Strength': Earring and pendant by Taraneh Lashkary (Iran)

tara1 tara2

There is a proverb in Iranian culture that expresses the importance of unity and teamwork, little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

This design has been made to portray the radiance of life. The drops represent human beings and the fish symbolise life. The waves of sea and pearls are indicative of our ultimate goal - if people are together and united, we can achieve anything and overcome the coronavirus.



'Yin and Yang': Brooch by Komal Nagdeo (India)


The design reflects the way every person is banding together to cope with the situation, which is represented by the white gold hand structures. 

The imagery of 'Yin and Yang' denotes of duality of life. It reminds us that there will always be ups and downs, joys and challenges. 


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