Finalists: Piece de Resistance

The response to our latest design competition was overwhelming. It was amazing to see the expression of universal compassion and gratitude in response to the covid-19 crisis. 

The objective of the competition was to create a jewellery design that symbolises the strength humanity has shown during this pandemic. We received some awesome designs with compelling messages.

We are proud to announce the following designs as our finalists in the competition. 

The voting is open to the public until the 17th of May. Best of luck!


'Us': Broach by Ruchi Agarwal (India)


I have named this broach as 'Us' because this situation has taught us to stand together for us.

The inner part of the design is the symbol of health care workers showing how these brave heroes are fighting on the front line day and night to protect US (with the diamonds added as a mark of respect). The outer circle symbolises how we as humans have stood together to fight against this pandemic be it just by being at home and maintaining social distance.


'Angel Wings': Pendant by Ruby Ahuwalia (India)

Angel Wings

In these difficult times of covid-19 let us show strength and unity.

Angel wings pendant depicts the doctors, health care workers, garbage collectors and other essential service providers who are like Angels and God to humanity in these difficult times. The Star tells to keep a positive outlook and faith of better times ahead as we are all united in this pandemic.

This design is dedicated to all the coronavirus warriors!


'Wings of Hope': Broach by Aditi Bhandari (India)

Wings of Hope

Representing hope and unity, this broach denotes positive outcomes to heal mankind. The flying dove is symbolic of hope, held by people who have united to extend unconditional love and faith towards every living being on earth to fight this pandemic. 

People! Let us all unite!

'Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all...' - Emily Dickinson


'Time is Precious': Pendant by Bita Fakhr (Iran)


This design is in recognition of the hard work of the medical staff. The hour glass shows the people the value of patience. Our lives are incredibly valuable and what we need is to observe patience and wait out this storm. 


'Heartbeat': Pendant by Prithvi Gopal (India)


In this time of crisis, people all around the world are isolating themselves. Heartbeat is what connects people even when we are isolated from each other. The main reason that we are alive today is that we are following social distancing. 

The gold strips which denote human beings are indirectly connected with each other with diamonds representing a pulse. 


'Triquetra': Pendant by Sammy Gonzales (Saudi Arabia)


We are currently facing an enemy that we cannot see. To prevent the spread of this pandemic, we need to listen to our leaders and stay at home. 

The triquetra is a symbol of hope and unity. The interlocking trinities are surrounded by three symbols of the current crisis: health, home and the virus. 


'Closer than Ever': Pendant by Flavia Servietti (Italy)

Closer than ever

The single elements have different colours (suggesting the idea of interconnected troubles). Three varieties of diamonds are used to express this. Despiteld the fact that we should be physically separated, the holding hands show everyone is connected.

The hands are in contact, joined by two mini rings that allow lateral rotation. This way, the external human shapes can come closer to the central one, suggesting closeness.