Finalists: Stella

The response to our latest design competition was overwhelming. It was amazing to see the expression of universal compassion and gratitude in response to the covid-19 crisis. 

The objective of this competition was to create a jewelry design that captures the magic and the expanse of the universe. With many of the designs being extremely inventive and creative, it was difficult for our judges to select the finalists - Some tough choices were made! 

We are proud to announce the following designs as our finalists in the competition. 

The voting is open to the public until the 14th of February. Best of luck!


'My Shooting Star': by Carmen Hernandez (Spain)

shooting star

Since the earliest times there has been the idea that bright stars indicated a birth, each star was believed to be the soul of a person and represented a newborn. Making a wish when the star is falling is equivalent to acknowledging it's power. Acknowledging this power will always result in a reward, I was blessed with the birth of my daughter who is my inspiration for this design. 


'My Milky Way': by Carmen Hernandez (Spain)

milky way

Milky Way is the only galaxy we know in the universe in which there is life. It is our heavenly home, full of stars, planets, dark matter and energy. It is made up of several billion stars and close to 50 galaxies. I have designed this pendant as a small group of stars that hang together and close to the heart.


'North Star': by Marta Berzolani


I lost my mother in March 2020 and jewelry design helped me with my grieving. She is looking over me from a star. 


'Shooting Star': Graziela Morgante (Italy)

shooting star

As a child when I looked at the shooting star to make a wish, I wondered what trajectory they followed. I imagined that they were alive and dancing, forming a luminous trail of it's journey. 


'Celestial': by Claudia Gobbi (Italy)



I am a third year jewelry design student from Rome. The star pendant is inspired by the wonderful greatness and brightness of the stars. The combination of diamonds and blue corundums come together to create a magical and elegant blend.  


'Swinging Star': by Sammy Gonzales (Saudi Arabia)

swinging star

The moon is a feminine symbol. It symbolizes immortality, eternity and enlightenment. Star have been symbolic of divine guidance and its also a powerful protection symbol.  


'Man on the Moon': Giorgia Rossi (Italy)


In such a difficult time it is good to remember that man has made great strides and that we will always overcome, the sky is the limit.


'Flicker': Carmen Hernandez (Spain)


An infinite amount of white dots fill up our skies, the stars are the only ones that twinkle. Our eyes perceive a beam that continuously and rapidly changes position in the sky. These four stones with a five-claw setting resemble a five-pointed star, hanging from a continuously swinging chain.


'The Third Eye': Anna Tessarin (Italy)

the third eye

This pendant wants to enhance the important of the subjective possibility of opening the third eye, thus allowing a total awareness of oneself through universal connection.


'Time Star': Huang Zhe


Man has been chasing stars since ancient times - they will have existed in our past, present and will continue to exist in our future.