March 2020: Finalists

We are proud to announce the finalists for our inaugural jewellery design competition. Our judging panel critiqued the submissions on strict criteria and selected nine unique designs.

All the designs were created with two themes in mind - water and environment.

Now, with the help of the public, the three most popular pieces will be manufactured and displayed at Baselworld and Vicenzaoro.

The voting is open to the public until the 2nd of March. Best of luck! 


'Save Our Planet': Ring by Anna Popovych (Ukraine)


I named this design 'Save Our Planet'. This is my jewelry interpretation of a melting snowflake. Global warming is what inspired me to make this design. Our climate is changing and from what I see this change is accelerating.

Weird things happen all over the world and humanity must deal with this danger quickly.  


'Splash': Necklace by Maria Eugenia (Spain)


The sketches of the 'Splash' collection are inspired by water when it falls and splashes. The fall of the water is represented with the diamonds and sapphires. In the noble metal that is gold we give life to a drop composed of tiny droplets that represents the splashing of the water. 


'Talking Trees': Brooch by Meltem Sahan (Turkey)

Talking Trees

Years ago, environmental scientists discovered that the trees connect to each other with the fungus network under the ground, sending and sharing nutrients. That means, the trees are 'talking to each other'.

Trees are the symbol of wisdom and life, they show how wonderful nature is and deserve respect for having such a strong network.


'Shimmering Droplets': Earrings by Parichehr Shirazi (Italy)


I chose the theme of water for my design because water is fundamental for life. Many areas of the planet face drought because of climate change and water abuse. Every drop of water is lost if wasted.

I took inspiration from the drops of water, which can be small by themselves, but put together they can quench thirst, save a flower from withering and replenish dry land. 


'Tree is Life': Earrings by Rainier Arandia (Saudi Arabia)


What inspired me was the tree being the source of life. Life being the water it gives us among other purposes. As we cut trees we are endangering the lives that depend on every tree grown on earth. 


'Unbound Hoop': Earrings by Sameena Anjum (India)


Inspired by the feasibility, fluidity and adaptability of water to any form or shape.

The diamonds are suspended from smooth round snake chain on either side of the hoop which can be tugged to different levels by the user to give a different look each time it is worn.


'Curl': Earrings by Sameena Anjum (India)



Inspired by the gentle watercourse along a stream or small river. 

An 18kt white gold detachable earring composed of an array of diamonds depicting the unstoppable flow of water which terminates in a pale blue sapphire briollette.


'Planting the Seed': Pendant by Vinod Sankhla (India)


I got inspiration from nature. The banyan tree roots and the coral reefs in the sea were in my mind when I was creating this design.