How do I participate in the competition?

When you have made your designs, you can register and submit them via our online form as a jpg or pdf.

Do I have to manufacture the pieces?

We will manufacture the winning designs. The winner will get to see their vision made into reality at no cost. They will also receive a royalty on the net sales of their designs.

What is the criteria by which my designs would be judged?

The three criterion by which your designs will be judged are Overall Design (40%), Creativity and individuality (40%) and Adherence to Theme (20%)

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How many collections can I submit?

You are permitted to submit as many collections as you would like. Each designer is permitted to have one collection qualify for the finals of each theme.

Do I need to send a hard copy or is a soft copy sufficient?

A soft copy is sufficient. You can make a pencil sketch of the designs and submit the jpg or pdf online.

If the design gets selected, would the CAD be made by your company or would I have to provide it?

We do accept CAD designs. Our design team would make the CAD files for the finalists. We will also manufacture the winning pieces.