Competition Guidelines (original)

First and foremost I hope your family and friends are keeping healthy. Sending my love and best wishes to you if not and my sincerest gratitude to the soliders fighting for us all across the world. 

With Covid-19 bringing the world to a standstill, we are finding ourselves in a unique situation with unlimited time and searching for an activity to dive into and keep us engaged. 

For some it may involve kicking back and binge watching a series on netflix, for others it might involve taking an online course to improve on a skill and some people might find this ample time the perfect opportunity to explore your creativity. 

Maybe our design competition can be interesting for those of you interested in partaking in a creative activity. We are also pledging 15% of the net sales of the winning piece to the fight against Covid (co-selected with the winning designer). 


The aim of our competition is to create a symbol for humanity, health, hope, unity. We are all fighting this war together. 

Competition Structure

We are going to run two competitions simultaneously:

Competition 1: Piece de Resistance

We will be manufacturing the winning design. 

Winners will get a 3% royalty on the net sales of their pieces.

15% of the net sales of the winning piece will be dedicated to a cause associated with our recovery from Covid-19. The cause will be decided in collaboration with the winning designer.

This competition is with material restrictions (mentioned below). The aim is to create a piece that is striking, simplistic and accessible.


Competition 2: Creative Exploration

This competition is for those who want to dive deep into their creative exploration.

All submissions will be uploaded onto our instagram page. The piece with the most likes will be declared as the winner on 17th May.

The winning designer will receive a certificate of recognition, two of our signature universal bracelets as well as the winning design being displayed on



Competition Stages

Stage 1: The Preliminary Round

The Judging Panel will select nine designs for The Finals. Each designer is permitted one spot per theme.

Stage 2: The Finals

All the designs will be shared with the public for voting. The voting will be open for a period of 2 weeks. The top-voted collection per theme will be selected as the winner, who will have their pieces displayed at the jewellery shows. 


The pieces can be charms, pendants or broaches

There are no limits to the number of submissions per contestant.

Material Restrictions

The material restrictions are applicable to competition 1: piece de resistance.

The manufacturing of the designs are limited to the following materials:

  • Natural gemstones: diamonds (white, brown, yellow) and corundum (white, yellow, green, red, pink, blue)
    • The diameter of the stones can have a range of 1.25 mm to 2.10 mm
    • A maximum of 10 stones can be used per piece
  • Gold or Silver
    • A maximum of 2 grams of 18kt gold or sterling silver

Please note: if the submitted pieces are deemed excessive to the material restrictions they will not qualify for participation in the competition.

Winner Prizes

  • The winning jewellery collections will be manufactured and available for sale.
  • Winners will get a royalty of 3% of the net sales for every piece of their collection for a period of two years.
  • The collections will be available for sale at and
  • Winners will receive a certificate of recognition for their accomplishment.
  • Winners will receive two of our signature universal bracelets.

Key Dates

30th April: Submission Deadline

3rd May: Finalists Announced - Voting begins

17th May: Winning Designs Announced!


 Veekay Submission

For any further questions and information, you can email us at or contact us via social media.