Competition Guidelines

First and foremost, we hope your family and friends are healthy and safe. Sending our love and best wishes to you and our sincerest gratitude to all the soldiers fighting for us across the world. 

With Covid-19 bringing the world to a standstill, we are all finding ourselves in a unique situation with a lot more time on our our hands. We are finding new ways to stay connected with loved ones, be productive and reduce stress all at the same time - whether it be video calls with family and friends, binging a show on Netflix, learning to cook, in-home workouts or starting an online course. At Veekay, we want to provide our community of designers with a creative outlet during this difficult and uncertain time.

We are running two jewellery design competitions (until 30th of April) for jewellery enthusiasts of all skill-levels and experience. The objective is to create a compelling jewellery design (which can be a sketch or CAD) that symbolises the strength humanity has shown during this pandemic

Globally, we have seen countless examples of hope, positivity and unity. Civilians take to their windows on a daily basis to cheer for the healthcare workers operating on the frontlines of the crisis. In Spain and Italy, civilians sit in their balconies and give musical performances for local residents. Corporations are doing their part as well - Tesla donated ventilators and Uber Eats continues to provide complimentary meals to healthcare workers. 

We hope with these competitions, we can acknowledge these small victories.

For competition 1: Piece De Resistance, we pledge 15% of the winning design's net sales towards crisis recovery. The non profit will be selected by the winning designer. 

See further details below and register!

Update: Entries are closed - Check out the finalists here


Veekay Submission


Competition 1: Piece de Resistance

The aim is to create a jewellery design (sketch or CAD) that is a symbol of the strength humanity has shown during this crisis. Make sure to follow the material restrictions and rules outlines below. Get creative!

Competition Stages

The competition will consist of two stages:

Stage 1: The Preliminary Round 

Participants will submit their designs by 30th April. The judging panel will then judge the pieces per the judging criteria. On 3rd May, the judging panel will select five designs for the finals. 

Stage 2: The Finals 

The five finalist designs will be shared with the public for voting. The voting poll will be open for a period of 2 weeks until 17th May. The top-voted design will be selected as the winner.


The pieces can be braceletspendants or broaches

The pieces should connect to the overarching theme to create a symbol of our strength during this crisis.

There is no limit to the number of submissions per contestant.

Material Restrictions

The aim is to create a piece that is striking, simplistic and accessible.

The manufacturing of the designs are limited to the following materials:

  • Natural gemstones: diamonds (white, brown, yellow) and corundum (white, yellow, green, red, pink, blue)
    • The diameter of the stones can have a range of 1.25 mm to 2.10 mm
    • A maximum of 10 stones can be used per piece
  • Gold or Silver
    • A maximum of 2 grams of 18kt gold or sterling silver

Please note: if the submitted pieces are deemed excessive to the material restrictions they will not qualify for participation in the competition.

Winner Prizes

  • The winning jewellery collections will be manufactured and available for sale.
  • Winners will get a royalty of 3% of the net sales of their design
  • 15% of the net sales of the winning piece will be dedicated to a cause associated with the recovery efforts from Covid-19. The cause will be decided by the winning designer.
  • The collections will be available for sale at and
  • Winners will receive two of our signature universal bracelets.
  • Winners will receive a certificate of recognition.

Key Dates

30th April: Submission Deadline

3rd May: Finalists Announced - Voting begins

17th May: Winning Designs Announced!


Competition 2: Partum Opus

This competition is for those of you who are more interested in exploring your creativity. We want to encourage a freedom of expression and perspective, for this reason there are no material restrictions or design limitations in this competition. 

All submissions will be uploaded onto our instagram page. The piece with the most likes will be declared as the winner on 17th May.

Winner Prizes

  • The winning piece will be manufactured on a per order basis.
  • Winners will receive two of our signature universal bracelets.
  • Winners will receive a certificate of recognition.
  • Winner will receive a CAD file of their design. (if a sketch was originally submitted) 

 Veekay Submission

For any further questions and information, you can email us at or contact us via social media.