Our Origin Story: The pebble that began the ripple...

Hello curious minds,

After my education in business management and further studies at the Gemological Institute of America, I decided to join the family business in diamonds and diamond jewelry. Of the avenues I could follow within the industry, jewelry was one that appealed to the creative facet of my personality.

On one of my business trips the thought of a unisex bracelet crossed my mind – an everyday piece that was simple yet classy. That was when the concept of our universal collection was initiated. It appealed to me instantly because it felt like something I would love to wear.

So I spoke with the jewelry manufacturer we work with in China to prepare some designs. After approving a few of the proposed designs, I requested for the samples. The samples arrived in a few weeks, but there were some alterations that needed to be made. The back and forth of the samples kept adding to expenses whilst sales were not moving as fast.

This experience made me appreciate how lucky I was to have a ready platform to enter into such a capital intensive industry with high barriers to entry. The gem and jewellery industry functions on long term stable relations and strong networks – Relying heavily on trust and loyalty. Without substantial capital to invest and a network to provide legitimate inquiries and support with credit it is difficult for a new entrant to gain a foothold in such a highly competitive industry.

Despite having this support available to me, I was experiencing these challenges (to a more limited level) myself. I realised that there must be other people in the world who have designs in their minds but no platform that can provide them with the opportunity to test out their designs in a cost efficient manner whilst also providing credible feedback.

This is where the concept of our VeeKay Design competition was born. With this competition we want to provide creative minds with access to a platform through which they gain insight into the professional jewellery world with constructive feedback and potentially a pathway to a new career.

All you have to do is submit your designs as per the guidelines of our themes. The winners will get the opportunity of having their designs showcased in the world renowned Baselworld and Vicenazaoro shows.

Register and submit your designs now!

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